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Achieve customer experience and revenue growth with our customer success engine and features like customer engagement, analytics, and automation.

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They have achieved sustainable growth with Hokdo:

Cross-Team Customer Success Collaboration

Hokdo provides rich tools to enhance customer lifecycle experience

Customer Success
Customer Success Out-of-the-box
Customer success teams are able to complete their all-day work with Hokdo's OOTB customer success platform, supporting the customers in a more efficient and systematic way.

Accelerate Customer Success Of All Industries


We provide SaaS/Software customers with functions like data analysis, customer management, and IM, covering every step of the customer journey.

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We help to connect online and offline manufacturing systems of customer feedback collection, sales management, maintenance services, and so on.

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More Industries

We also provide solutions for financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer goods, cross-border e-commerce and other industries.

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Customer Success Makes Our Customers Succeed


「Hokdo is the base to build a customer-centric organization.」


「Your SaaS system is so innovative! I never thought the problem can be resolved like this.」


「The whole customer success team is using Hokdo. Product and operation teams also love them.」

Integrate With All Your Tools

Integrate Hokdo with other tools in minutes, connect each step of your work flows, and gain a unified customer view

Accelerate the revenue growth of your company with Hokdo.
Your customer-centric organization starts now!

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